Welcome to Ebberson Farms!


We are a family-owned enterprise in the business of production agriculture in northeast Nebraska. Our operation covers a large area including land in Cedar, Knox, Dixon, Wayne and Stanton counties (part owned, part rented) which is farmed conventional and no-till. We haul all of our own grain to market with trucks signed under the Ebberson Farms name. We actively engage in center-pivot irrigation and utilize a strong line of John Deere equipment. While growth and trial of new things has been continuous, the “family-owned” emphasis has remained a constant.

We are committed to producing quality, safe feed grains (corn and soybeans) and providing custom farm applications (planting, bean-drilling, spraying, dry-floating, combining and tiling) with the belief that farming is a business committed to helping feed the world. Ebberson Farms provides honest, reliable, consistent services within agriculture to enable others to also feed a growing population.

Ebberson Farms * 56604 871 Rd, Coleridge, NE  68727
Phone: 402-283-4661

Holiday gathering

Sunday, Dec. 2 we gathered at the shop for a holiday party with our crew and a few landlords.  Thanks to Denny Miller for smoking the brisket and everyone for pitching in to provide a great meal!   Christmas song Pictionary and Christmas trivia kept us entertained.